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            V-Ray: Unable to Checkout GUI license

            This error is a generic and very common V-Ray error. It could indicate several things. However, it always indicates that V-Ray is installed in the modelling application but cannot find a licence.

            There are two causes for this warning:

            1. The license server isn't running or reachable - so V-Ray can't get a license.
            2. Everything is working fine, but all available licenses are in use on other machines.


            Before Anything Else

            Please restart your machine. The V-Ray licence server runs as a service in the background. Sometimes it stops running and the quickest fix is to simply restart your machine. 


            If that doesn't help..

            How to check where the problem is..

            If you have a USB dongle, check this is plugged in properly, isn't damaged and try an alternative USB port. For online licences, please ignore this step.

            I've installed myself, on this machine... 
            Visit http://localhost:30304
            You should see your V-Ray Licence Server interface. [Understanding the V-Ray License Server]
            If you can't see the licence server, please see this page to troubleshoot your V-Ray licence server.
            If you can see the licence server, please check the number of available licences. If available GUI licences is 0, check V-Ray isn't being used elsewhere. With online licensing, check the licence isn't borrowed. With dongle licensing, check the dongle is being read by the licence server


            I'm getting my licence from another machine on the network..

            If you know you machine gets its licence from the license server on another machine, check that there are no issues with that licence server and that there is a licence available.


            Updated: 03 Jun 2019 02:46 PM
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