Failed to checkout V-Ray GUI license

Failed to checkout V-Ray GUI license

This is a common V-Ray error that is usually simple to resolve.

What does it mean?
V-Ray is not able to connect to the Chaos License Server to verify your details. If your software cannot find a valid licence, it will not let you render.

What should I do?
  1. Check you have the Online License Server (OLS) installed. This is usually installed as a part of the V-Ray software installation, but can also be downloaded from your Chaos account and installed individually. You can find the OLS by going to http://localhost:30304. If your web browser does not find a page, you need to install the OLS.
  2. Ensure Online Licensing is enabled in the OLS. You should have a green light at the top once you have signed in.
  3. If you see an orange or red light next to Online Licensing, please refer to this article.
  4. You must be signed in with the email address that holds your licence. If you are unsure what this is, it is usually the email address you used to place your order with us. If you are sure you're using the correct email address already, it is worth signing out and back in again to see if that resolves the issue.
When signed in with the correct email address, you should be able to see the status of your licences in the OLS, whether they are 'in use' or 'available'.

If you have tried the above, but are still unable to connect, it would be worth temporarily disabling any firewalls you may have on your computer or wider network to check that they aren't blocking the connection.

A clean install of the licence server typically resolves most issues.

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