Set Up V-Ray as a Floating License on Your Network

Set Up V-Ray as a Floating License on Your Network

How it Works

The principle is the same as a normal V-Ray installation but when V-Ray looks for a license, it must look for a machine on the network with a designated IP address 

Standard Installation
PC/Mac <=> V-Ray License Server Software <=> V-Ray (all on same machine)

Network / Floating Installation
PC/Mac (acting as server) <=> V-Ray License Server Software <=NETWORK => V-Ray (on any machine on the same network)


If you use a dongle, this should be set up on the machine you want to act as your licence server. If you use online licensing, you still need to designate one machine as the licence server but rather than installing the dongle on this machine, you would log in to your V-Ray account through online licensing.



Using the normal V-Ray installer, install all elements on the machines where V-Ray is to be used. If the server machine will also be used as a workstation, install everything. (Refer to normal V-Ray installation.) 

If the server machine will only be serving the license, install everything apart from V-Ray itself (so.. Wibu drivers [for dongles], V-Ray License Server and startup items/processes). 

On the client/workstation machines, there is a licence utility which needs to be configured. This tells V-Ray where to look for the license. On a standalone install, it just looks on the same machine (localhost). For network setups, it needs to be given the IP address of the server machine. 

On the Server Machine
Verify the license server is available by visiting: http://localhost:30304 in your web browser. (See: Understanding the V-Ray Licence Server.)

Set the IP of the License Server Machine on the Workstation

Windows Start > All Programs > Chaos Group > V-Ray for SketchUp > Change V-Ray license settings


Run the  setvrlservice  program from the /Applications/ChaosGroup/V-Ray/[host app]/bin/   directory, e.g:

/Applications/ChaosGroup/V-Ray/SketchUp/bin/ sudo setvrlservice -server= [server name or IP] -port=30304


More information on licence changes is available on the Chaos help page.


V-Ray License Utility

With the license server running and the workstation set to look up the license from the server across the network, it is then possible to open your modelling application. If a license is free, V-Ray will then be available in your modelling application. 


Extra Information

If any part isn't working after the initial install, the first thing to do is reboot that machine. This is a quick fix for lots of issues. The Wibukey dongle and the V-Ray License Server both need certain services to start when the machine boots. They are not always triggered immediately after installation, hence a reboot is often necessary.

On a PC, ALWAYS INSTALL AS ADMINISTRATOR. Most software cannot fully install without admin priviliges but may not show an error when installing.


Ports to Keep Open



Private & Public IP Addresses

The license server can also be made available on a public IP, though a knowledge of port-forwarding and firewall settings by the network/router administrator is required. 

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