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            Vectorworks 2019 - Adding and Removing Serial Numbers

            Vectorworks Preferences  -  Tools > Options

            During installation you are required to enter the serial number provided with the Vectorworks product(s). You may also need to update a serial number later to enable more products or to switch from an evaluation version to a full version.

            To add a serial number:

            Select Vectorworks Preferences  -  Tools > Options

            The Vectorworks Preferences dialog box opens.

            Click Serial Numbers from the Session tab.

            The Serial Numbers dialog box opens.

            Click Add.

            The Add New Serial Number dialog box opens.

            Enter the serial number exactly as it appears on the label. The serial number is case sensitive. The letters O and I are not used in serial numbers; enter the number 0 or 1 instead.

            Click Add.

            The list of Enabled Products in the Serial Numbers dialog box displays all products enabled by this serial number. For security, serial numbers that begin with the letter A are partially hidden wherever they display in Vectorworks.

            Only one serial number can be applied at a time. When the serial number is set, click Done.

            To remove a serial number:

            Click Serial Numbers from the Session tab of Vectorworks preferences.

            The Serial Numbers dialog box opens.

            Select the serial number to remove, and then click Remove.

            Click Done.
            Updated: 22 Mar 2019 12:30 PM
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