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            V-Ray License Server - Online Licensing Not Working

            When accessing the V-Ray Online License Server (OLS) at http://localhost:30304/, you will see an orange light next to 'Online Licensing' if it isn't working correctly.

            To fix this, first check that the computer you are using is connected to the internet, and there are no firewalls blocking port 30304.
            If you have used proxy settings, you can also reset these to their defaults by going to Settings > Reset to Defaults using the menu button at the top right of the OLS.

            If online licensing is still not working, a clean install usually fixes the issue. To do this:

            1. Navigate to Applications --> ChaosGroup --> VRLService --> OLS --> uninstall. Doubleclick the Uninstall icon and enter your mac's password (if required) and follow the instructions of the uninstall wizard. For Windows, go to C:// --> Program Files --> ChaosGroup --> VRLService --> OLS --> uninstall --> Uninstall.
            1. When the uninstall of the license server is complete, click on Finder again then on the menu at the top of the screen select Go --> Go to Folder. A popup window will appear. Type /Users/YOURUSERNAMEHERE/.ChaosGroup and press the Go button.
            1. Right click on the .ChaosGroup folder and select Move to Trash
            1. Download the latest license server:
            1. Ensure you install following these instructions:
            1. When the installation is finished open in your web browser "localhost:30304" and click on Enable Online licensing then login with your username. After that you should see your licenses listed on the page and be able to use V-Ray.

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