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            V-Ray Error Log - Location

            If you experience issues or crashes with V-Ray, the error error log can normally be found in the ProgramData or Application directory of your machine.

            Specific V-Ray error log locations:

            Windows XP:
            C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ASGVIS\VfS\vfs_stderr.txt

            Windows Vista, Windows 7:

            On Mac OS X:

            The error log is reset every time you open the host application and isn't re-saved unless the host application closes successfully. Wherever possible, close the application (eg. Sketchup) before it crashes in order to record the greatest amount of error information.

            The V-Ray error log is particularly useful for identifying problem textures/materials/bitmaps as well as issues with paths of loaded-in components.


            Updated: 03 Aug 2018 02:23 PM
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