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            Should I Buy Vectorworks Fundamentals or Design Series?

            Vectorworks is specialist and powerful software that comes in five variants:

            Fundamentals (the basic package, short on specialist libraries but containing all core 2D and 3D functionality)

            Three specialist packages referred to as the "Design Series":
            Architect - for architecture and built environment work
            Landmark - for landscape/environment design
            Spotlight - for event and exhibition design.

            Finally, there is Vectorworks Designer which is the complete package containing all multi-discipline tools.

            Renderworks is Vectorworks' own rendering platform which provides a range of options from stylised drawings to full photo-realistic renders. Since Vectorworks 2017 all packages have included Renderworks as standard.

            If you're looking for a professional and cost-effective all-in-one solution, Vectorworks Fundamentals is a great choice. However, if you're looking for advanced architectural BIM, landscaping or event design tools, it may be worth looking into a design series offering.

            Key Features only found in the Design Series:
            1. PDF Import
            2. Publish command
            3. Rotate Plan
            4. Navigation Palette
            5. Expanded Symbol Libraries
            6. Building Shell tools - doors / walls / windows
            7. Select Similar tool
            8. Visibility tool
            9. Project sharing function

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