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            Rhino 6 Licensing

            With Rhino 6 lots of changes have been made to the licensing, the biggest change being the v6 keys are now cross-platform. However, we are still waiting on the Mac release so until then it's just Windows.

            What does this mean?

            • There will no longer be separate Windows and Mac products.
            • No “crossgrade” needed.
            • Rhino 6 for Windows and Mac will be the same price.
            • Any earlier version of Rhino for Windows or Mac can be upgraded to Rhino 6.
            • A Rhino 6 license key in the Zoo or Cloud Zoo can be shared among both Windows and Mac users.


            I want to buy Rhino 6 but I have a Mac, what can I do?

            As mentioned, Rhino 6  licences are now cross-platform but we are awaiting the Mac release. If you'd like to purchase Rhino for Mac without getting stuck on version 5 and having to pay the upgrade fee, you can now request a legacy licence using your Rhino 6 licence. 

            Rhino 5 for Mac Legacy Licence

            This will also apply for any one that would like to purchase Rhino 6 with a plug-in that hasn't been updated yet. Rhino for Windows users can request a legacy licence here: 

            - Rhino 5 for Windows legacy

            Please note: Legacy licences will only run on the same machine as Rhino 6 .


            How to license Rhino 6

            There are now  three ways  to use your licence in V6:

            1. Cloud Zoo (New) - Make your licenses available anywhere in the world through a login.

            Cloud Zoo Licensing is the newest way to license Rhino. The Benefits:

            • For individual users, use your Rhino Accounts login to use Rhino. This means Rhino can be used on any computer.
            • For corporations and schools, Cloud Zoo can simplify license distribution. Organizations can create a pool of licenses and share the licenses with team members.
            • Work online or offline. No need to check out licenses, so you should not be caught out on the road without a license.
            • Licensing will even work without a constant internet connection.
            • Let McNeel manage the license server infrastructure.
            Get started with Cloud Zoo:
            1. Create a Rhino account.
            2. Add a license to your Cloud Zoo.
            3. Remove a license from your Cloud Zoo.

            2. Single-Computer - License Rhino to one single computer.

            This will lock a license directly to a specific computer. You can move a license to a different computer. Simply remove it from the old one and install it on the new one, with no need to contact McNeel & Associates.

            3. Zoo - Float a set of Rhino licenses within your private network.

            Zoo server software  is free to download and run on a server in a private network. With the Zoo manage all your licenses centrally from the Zoo server, making them available to anybody on your private network. Access from home or satellite offices requires a VPN connection.

            Updated: 21 May 2019 02:32 PM
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