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            Replacing the licence file for a G' series licence

            Replacing the licence file for a G' series license

            1. Open any internet browser.

            3. On the left side of the website please press Edit License Files.

            4. Select the License file which is being used and Press Edit License file.

            5. The information of the license file should be displayed on the screen, please delete the information and paste information from the new license file which contains 2018 licenses in it.

            6. Finish the process by updating the license file.

            7. Please press on the Reread/Restart Servers which is located on the left side of the localhost:5054 console page.

            8. Confirm the restart of the server.

            We would suggest creating a backup of the old licence file on your desktop.
            Updated: 01 Oct 2018 02:27 PM
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