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            Programming Your V-Ray Dongle

            Dongle Reprogramming

            Creating a .wbc File

            Here we describe how to create a remote programming context file (“.wbc”) file, which identifies your specific dongle. If there are more dongles attached on the machine, the steps below will create one “.wbc” file containing information for all dongles. You need to have JavaScript enabled on your web browser.

            Please ensure your dongle is plugged in. You should have a green light beside the word "Dongle".

            1. Please open the link http://localhost:30304/#/upgrade-dongle in a web browser.
            2. A web-based wizard will appear. Click on the blue "Create .wbc File Now" button.

            3. Wait until the remote context file is created.
            4. When the "Operation Complete" page appears, save the remote context file by clicking "Download .wbc File" or right-clicking on the link and using Save Link As.../Save Target As...

            Important: Please name the wbc. with the serial number on your dongle. You can find the dongle serial number on its sticker.

            5. Email this file to us at along with order information. We will process this for you and send back an ".rtu" file. You will then need to follow the below steps.


            Updating the contents of the dongle


            1. When you receive the “.rtu” file, save it on the machine where the dongle with the same serial number is plugged-in.

            2. Double-click the saved “.rtu” file. You will be asked to confirm the transfer on the dongle. Click Yes to update your dongle. 


            1. Start the application WKConfig (Applications > WIBUKEY > WkConfig) and click the tab "Update".

            2. Select your dongle in the list and click "Execute Update".

            3. Browse to the RTU file and select it to program your dongle correctly.


            To check that your dongle has been updated you can go back to http://localhost:30304/ and check the status of your dongle. This will show your licenses.

            Updated: 22 Feb 2019 11:30 AM
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