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            Install the Standalone V-Ray License Server

            If you're having trouble getting the V-Ray license server to run, it's worth installing the standalone license server. This is particularly relevant for Mac users.

            Log in to your Chaos account, go to: Downloads > License Server, select the 'snow_leopard' link for Mac (regardless of your OS version), or the appropriate version for Windows. The V-Ray license server runs between the dongle and Sketchup.

            Follow these steps:

            • Download the License Server
            • Close Sketchup/Rhino/other
            • Ensure dongle is plugged in
            • Install License Server
            • Check  http://localhost:30304 - if not showing, please restart machine. Please also try
            • When you see the license information at that link, open Sketchup and V-Ray should work.


            Downloading the license server from your ChaosGroup account


            On Mac OS X, once installed, you can locate the license server app in Applications > ChaosGroup

            Important note: The V-Ray license server needs to run when you start the machine, in order to be always available. We recommend that either a) the item is added to your Login items in System Preferences > Users & Groups; or b) a desktop shortcut or dock icon is set up which can be opened before Sketchup is run.



            Updated: 03 Aug 2018 02:14 PM
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