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            Educational Software - Procedures & Processing Times

            Educational software requires additional paperwork and checks. We require proof of genuine academic status that explicitly shows in-date, relevant credentials.

            Only current students working towards a recognised, major qualification or verifiable educational professionals can apply for educational software.

            Forms of acceptable proof include student cards (which include a current date, academic institution name and course name), letterheaded documents from colleges or universities, letter-headed purchase orders, staff cards. Please note, we do not accept individual applications for educational products for students below 16 years of age due to the number of spurious requests we have received in the past. However, there are no restrictions on such software being purchased directly by a school, college or university.

            Educational orders are only accepted when placed by the student themselves, an immediate family member or a relevant educational worker.

            Examples of types of proof that are not acceptable:

            • Online courses that do not work towards a recognised qualification (eg. BTEC, degree or masters)
            • Students below the age of 16 where professional software is not required or should be purchased through a school.
            • Any proof that we suspect is being misused by a family member to falsely obtain professional software.
            • NUS cards alone are not accepted. They must be supported by documents showing the customer is working towards an accredited qualification (eg. degree, masters degree, BTEC, NVQ).

            Please note: Educational software is not licensed for commercial work

            eCareers courses are not acceptable for proof of academic status.

            Due to the additional admin overhead of educational orders, we ask that customers allow an extra 1-2 working days to receive their license, whether digitally or physically delivered.

            If you are waiting for an educational license but haven't yet been asked to supply academic credentials, please check your order history and email spam folders.


            Support for Educational Orders

            Please note: for single student and teacher licenses support is only available directly to the named student or teacher on the license. This is to ensure licenses are not used commercially.

            Telephone support is only available to schools, colleges and universities. Due to the large discounts on student orders, telephone support is not available.

            Updated: 06 Dec 2019 07:41 PM
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