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            Can I Transfer Vectorworks Between Mac and Windows?

            If you work in an environment that requires Vectorworks to run on both Windows and Mac machines, one license per user is all you need, regardless of what computer you use. There is no need to buy a specific Mac or Windows version.

            When purchasing Vectorworks licenses, we'll provide you with a Serial Number as well as instructions of how to download the Vectorworks application. Download and install the Windows or Mac version of Vectorworks to your computer. Each single user license can be used on up to two computers, regardless of whether they are Windows or Mac.
            1. Enter your serial number, name and company/organisation when prompted during installation. Click Next to proceed through the installation.
            2. If you are asked to enter a username and password at a later stage, this is your operating system username and password, not your Vectorworks credentials
            If you already authorised your license on two computers, you can remove a license in order to use it on a different computer by going to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > License.

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