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            Can I Transfer V-Ray Between Mac and Windows?

            If you work in an environment that requires V-Ray to run on both Windows and Mac machines, V-Ray's online licensing is the solution. One license per user is all you need, regardless of what computer you use. There is no need to buy a specific Mac or Windows version.

            Unlike the older physical dongle licensing, licenses are held in an Online License Server (OLS). OLS allows you to easily activate more licenses right after purchase, and provides a way to stay offline while using your products when you need to.

            When purchasing V-Ray licenses, we'll provide you with a username for your Chaos Group account as well as instructions on how to activate it. The password for this account will be something you set yourself.
            Your Chaos Group account will hold all the active licenses you own, which you will be able to connect to from anywhere online.

            Once you have access to your Chaos Group account, download the V-Ray application to your computer. Be sure to run the installer with all administrator privileges. This process will also install the license server which can be accessed by visiting http://localhost:30304/ in your web browser.  In the OLS, click Online Licensing and select "Enable" where you will be prompted to sign in. This now shows all the licenses associated with this Chaos Group account, as well as their status (such as Available or In Use).

            Both the V-Ray application and License Server must be installed on any computer that you wish to use V-Ray on.

            As long as you're signed in to the account that has the relevant license(s) registered, the V-Ray application will connect to the license server and mark a license as "in use". Once the V-Ray application has closed, the license will be made available again.

            As long as the V-Ray application can connect to your Chaos Group account via the license server, regardless of whether you're using a Mac or Windows machine, you'll be able to use an available license.

            V-Ray Swarm Distributed Rendering

            You can also use distributed rendering on a combination of Mac and Windows machines. In order to use V-Ray Swarm, you need at least one additional machine with Swarm installed.
            The setup is the same, with the additional step that V-Ray Swarm is required on each machine intended to be a part of a distributed rendering network.
            Each additional machine will require a V-Ray Render Node.
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