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            AutoCAD Error: "Communication Failure" during download and installation

             When you try to download software using the Install Now method, you get a Communication Failure window.


            The "Communication Failure" error typically occurs during the Install Now method for downloading and installing Autodesk software. The most common solution is to use an alternate download method (see bottom of page).

            When a "Communication Failure" Error Occurs

            The Install Now method for Autodesk Software uses the Autodesk Download Manager and is designed for an integrated one-time download and install process. You must initiate the download and complete the process all the way through installation in a single session for Install Now to work successfully.

            The error can occur when:

            • Security Settings Block Connection: Your Internet security settings can prevent the Autodesk Download Manager from successfully connecting to Autodesk servers.
            • Install Now File Executed Manually: Files downloaded during the Install Now process cannot be manually executed or used to install software at a later time. If you try to manually execute an install file downloaded previously using the Install Now method, the installation will fail.


            Tips for Completing Install Now Successfully

            Review the items below for actions you can take before and during the process to minimize the chances of receiving a "Communication Failure" error during Install Now:

            • Add to your trusted sites
            • Temporarily disable your firewall
            • Temporarily disable your anti-virus software
            • Temporarily disable Windows UAC
            • Completely delete any install files downloaded in previous attempts
            • Clear your Web browser's cache
            • Install and/or accept any security certificates if prompted


            Alternate Download and Install Methods

            The most common workaround for the "Communication Failure" Error is to use a browser-based download method. Several options are available:

            Updated: 23 Jul 2018 01:26 PM
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