Work Remotely: Orca3D

Work Remotely: Orca3D

If you need to work from home, your options for Orca3D are:

  1. Connect through a VPN - If you have a network licence and can access the computer that hosts your Orca3D license server through a VPN, Orca3D should work normally.
  1. "Check out" a roaming licence - If you have a network licence but cannot access the server via VPN, you can “check out” a roaming license, which is essentially a time-limited standalone license. Instructions for setting this up are on page 21 of the Orca3D Installation Instructions. Note that this is limited to the number of network licenses that you have.
  1. Lab Licence users - If you are a student or instructor at an institution which has a Lab (network) License and you’re not able to access the license through one of these methods, please contact Orca and they will provide a temporary license to you at no charge.
  1. Use your standalone licence as normal - If you have a standalone license on your office computer, you can use the same License Key to activate Orca3D on your home computer. The Copyminder system allows installation on multiple computers like this, as long as it does not happen frequently and the license isn’t used on both computers within a certain period of time of one another. Therefore, when you are able to return to your office, you should uninstall Orca3D from your home computer. If the license becomes “locked” because it has been installed too many times, simply contact Orca and they will reset it. If you don’t know your License Key, contact us and we will look it up for you.
  1. Obtain additional licences - If any of these options aren’t suitable or convenient, or you need more licenses for your staff during this time of working remotely, please contact Orca and they will provide temporary standalone licenses to you at no charge.
  1. Connect to your office computer - Use an application such as TeamViewer to use your software as normal via an internet connection to your office computer. (Please note, we are unable to support with the setup of the remote access software.)
    More about TeamViewer >
If you have had Orca3D installed on your home computer in the past (for example, an evaluation license), you will need to follow these steps for a new installation. Step #2 is important; otherwise you will not be given the opportunity to enter a License Key.

a. Using Control Panel, uninstall Orca3D

b. Delete the folder:c:\ProgramData\BCO\Orca3DV1 for Version 1, or c:\ProgramData\BCO\Orca3DV2 for Version 2

c. Install Orca3D. The installation files are here:
Orca3D Version 2 for Rhino 6
Orca3D Version 1 for Rhino 5

d. Start Rhino; you will be given the opportunity to enter a new License Key. Remember that sometimes the Orca3D license dialog is “hidden” behind the Rhino splash screen; if Rhino seems to be “stuck,” please look for the Orca3D license window behind it (you can use Alt-Tab to cycle through the open windows on your computer).

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