What's the difference between an S version and R Version?

What's the difference between an S version and R Version?

You may have noticed Maxon release Cinema 4D each year, but alternate with R23, S24, R25, etc. So, what's the significance of the 'R' and 'S' releases?

Cinema 4D versions come in two difference licensing options - Subscription (S) and Full Release (R).

If you have an active subscription licence, you are permitted to use both the S and R versions.
If you have a perpetual licence, you are permitted to use up to the release you own.

For example:
  1. An R21 Perpetual user can use R21 only.
  2. An R23 Perpetual user, can use R23, S22 and R21 - they cannot use S24 or onward, as this is a subscription only release.
  3. A subscription customer will be able to use the latest version, either S or R.

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