V-Ray Licence Server Not Visible / Not Running

V-Ray Licence Server Not Visible / Not Running


The V-Ray Licence Server runs as a service on Windows or Mac. By default, it installs with V-Ray (unless you choose not to install it) and when running, it can be viewed in your browser at: http://localhost:30304

See 'Understanding the V-Ray Licence Server' for more information on the interface you should expect to see.


Common Problems

Because it runs as a service, it can stop. Sometimes it doesn't start correctly immediately after installation. The first and simplest thing to do is restart your machine. Very often, this is enough to get the service to start up.

If restarting doesn't fix it, it could mean it's not installed correctly. The best thing to do at this point is re-run your V-Ray installer and select only the licence server (on Windows, always install as administrator). This will install the licence server but not affect your V-Ray installation. It may work straight away, or need a restart. Check in a browser at: http://localhost:30304


If It Still Doesn't Work..

  • Try downloading and installing the standalone licence server (available in your Chaos Group download area.)
  • Check you don't have firewall software blocking port 30304.
  • Windows: check everything has been installed as administrator. Setting up background services doesn't usually work unless installed as administrator.



If you want to check Licence Server Processes:

On Windows, open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete), on Mac, open Activity Monitor.

View processes (select all users), you should see two processes running:



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