Problems Using V-Ray on SketchUp Studio | Activation Issues

V-Ray Licence Error After Installing SketchUp Studio

This issue affects users who previously had V-Ray installed on their machine.

After installing SketchUp Studio, users try to access V-Ray in SketchUp and see a licence error ('Failed to checkout a V-Ray for SketchUp licence'), as below.

This is caused by confusion within the V-Ray licence server that is running on the PC. Essentially, it's still looking for licences with a user's Chaos account - but these are now issued via Trimble.


  1. When V-Ray is purchased within SketchUp Studio, the V-Ray licence is still issued by Chaos and V-Ray still needs the licence server to run and check for the licence from Chaos.
  2. However, the V-Ray licence assigned to SketchUp Studio will not be in a normal Chaos account. Users will need to log in to Chaos with their Trimble ID (below).


The issue occurs when the licence server is logged into the original Chaos account (where V-Ray is not available) or if the V-Ray licence wasn't successfully activated with Chaos when assigning licences in the user's Trimble account. In both cases, the licence server will look to be working and logged in - but no licences will be found.


Short Version
  1. Remove the Studio licence from the user in the Trimble account.
  2. Log out of both Trimble and Chaos.
  3. Log back into Trimble, re-assign the Studio licence to your user.
  4. Log back in to Chaos using your Trimble ID (not Chaos account).
  5. Re-open SketchUp, try V-Ray. 
Remember to log into these accounts with your default browser.

Long Version

As above, but with added detail:

If the user is logged to their Chaos licence server with their previous Chaos login, they will need to log out:

Visit the Trimble portal, view members and 'Modify Product Access' to remove Studio from the affected user.

Log out of Trimble.

Log back in to Trimble.

Reassign SketchUp Studio to the user.

Log in to Chaos using your Trimble ID. 

Check if the licences are present in the licence server (this only works if all steps are taken on the machine using SketchUp).

Re-open SketchUp and access V-Ray. Hopefully, it will now pick up your licence.

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