Returns on Software

Returns on Software

There are no returns on software.

Software licenses and keys are designed to work with the installation files provided with purchase. As these items are not physical, and cannot be recalled, returns cannot be accepted. Even after installation, the license remains yours and once released by the manfacturer, it's not possible to control what is done with it. This also applies to dongled items.

For these reasons, you must be happy with your choice of software and we're here to assist you before and after purchase. Wherever possible, we strongly recommend becoming familiar with a package via the demo/trial version and/or tutiorial videos. We can provide access to these upon request.

If you are having difficulty running a piece of software, we're here to help. Please bear in mind that all our software works - if a problem is stopping it running on your system we can help with most aspects. If there is something more complex going on, it may be necessary to involve the support team of the software manufacturer as well.

We've never had a software installation problem that wasn't down to a configuration issue with a user's computer, network or a bug in their model.

Please also review your hardware and software against suggested minimums before anything else.