Mac OS Sonoma 14.3 and SketchUp 2023

Mac OS Sonoma 14.3 and SketchUp 2023

There is currently a known issue causing crashes in SketchUp 2023 when running on macOS Sonoma 14.3.

To know if it’s an issue you’re seeing, the steps to cause the crash are these:
  1. Show the Colors palette (Window/Materials).
  2. Go into the materials section (click the brick icon on the right).
  3. Either resize the Colors palette, or use the drop down menu to go to a different set of materials. ‘Wood’ for example.

The new crash will have happened by now.

There is some recent discussion about this issue here. You will also find a workaround to avoid the crash:

The fix will be rolled out in SketchUp 2024. We anticipate this to be soon, but do not have a date yet.
Please note that Sonoma is listed as not supported here: We're limited in how we can assist when it comes to using software in an unsupported environment.

It seems that the issue only affects Sonoma 14.3 It is not present in Sonoma 14.2. It is an option to roll back to this version, or even back to Ventura, but we cannot offer support for this.

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