KeyShot Floating - License Server Installation

KeyShot Floating - License Server Installation

1. Download the License Server installer and follow the prompts to finish the installation. (License Server link provided with your order).

2. During the order process, you will be asked for the hostname and MAC address of your network. Once we have your hostname and MAC address, we will send you a .lic license file.

3. Run the Luxion License Server and select "Install License". Locate the .lic file. The license info will be displayed and you can check that the service is started using the service button under the "Actions" section. The Luxion License Server window can now be closed. It is not necessary to keep it open for the floating licenses to be available, they can be accessed as long as the server is online, and the service is not stopped.

4. To monitor available and used licences, click the "Status" button.

5. If you have a Firewall or have other License servers running on the same machine, you may need to change the Server Ports. This can be done by clicking the Server Ports button.
FlexLM Port: Change this to avoid port conflicts If you have other License servers - the default is 27000
Deamon Port: This is only used for network setups with a Firewall. If a Firewall is used, both ports need to be set and opened in the Firewall.

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