Importing Cinema 4D files into Vectorworks

Importing Cinema 4D files into Vectorworks

There is a known and established workflow for transferring work from Vectorworks to Cinema 4D using the C4D plugin for Vectorworks. With the plugin, it's easy to 'Send to Cinema 4D' from Vectorworks.


Unfortunately, this is typically a very one-way process. There are plenty of reasons why you may need to come back to Vectorworks from C4D but it is a restricted process. Thus far, it seems the most reliable way to do this is to export from Cinema 4D in 3DS format, which can in turn be imported into Vectorworks through Renderworks. There are some obvious limitations - in particular that you must have the Renderworks plugin installed. The 3DS importer is not available in Vectorworks without Renderworks. The other issue is the 3DS file format. It's a better option than the DXF/DWG route - as it preserves much greater levels of information. However, procedural textures will be lost and some surfaces may need to be checked once back in Vectorworks.


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